Quality & Environment


Both in repair and in production we place great value on impeccable quality of our pallets.

Quality, dependability, flexibility and market-conform, fair prices are for us guarantees for customer satisfaction. The execution and realization of unannounced quality controls by EPAL and UIC form the basis for a high and unified quality of our pallets. The guidelines of the licensor form the foundation for these quality controls.

Our efforts with regard to an economical management of the company are intended to achieve cost-efficient production and repairs, so that we can remain internationally competitive also in the future and to satisfy our customers in the long term.

The environment

As professional fitter, Franz Winter, the Managing Director of the Company Group Winter, scored on the one hand with his pallet customers and on the other hand, he convinced them with his well thought out recycling program.

Any professional pallet management exceeds by far pallet production and pallet repair and it covers the entire pallet cycle including transport, quality control, storage and accounting.

We recycle everything in our company. We repair a whole lot of pallets, recycle them and reuse them. Only rejects are disposed of and further processed into pallet wood chips.

The use of the latest computer-guided equipment ensures an efficient and environmentally friendly repair.

We invest continuously in new equipment and vehicles to keep CO2 emissions to a minimum.