New Euro-pallets IPPC-treated

New IPPC-treated Euro-pallets are in our product portfolio some of the safest pallets with some of the highest load capacity. The primary focus was on practical use during its development. Dimensions of 80 x 120 cm allow generous loading of the pallet, which has a total load capacity of up to 1,500 kg.

Thanks to the use of 5 top boards, the pressure exerted on it is perfectly distributed to the side supports, which makes this pallet so particularly durable. As the name hints, the pallet complies with EPAL guidelines and therefore, it is work and safety certified.

The EPAL and UIC control clamp is on the one hand a seal for authenticity and on the other hand, it is a guaranteed protection from counterfeits.

The IPPC treatment in accordance with ISPM 15 treats pallets in a kiln with heat and therefore, it provides protection from wood pests. The residual moisture of pallets is only approx. 15 to 20%.

The most frequent areas of applications range from the use in high-bay warehouses to the beverage and food industry.