Franz Winter

Our group of companies was established in 1999. While working in his second job as driver on the Inzersdorfer Farmer's Market, Franz Winter, a trained fitter, had the idea to repair damaged pallets. Because the demand for this service increased continuously, he established his own Company. He founded the sole proprietorship FW Großhandel Franz Winter as one-man-operation.
He repaired pallets for some customers and began selling used pallets. On the side, the Company of Franz Winter continued to generate wood chips. Already one year later, the Company had to relocate because it was running out of space. In the Hof industrial district, a production hall and an office building were constructed on approx. 2.500 m2. In addition to the trade, which has flourished in the meantime, he repaired and produced increasingly pallets.
Because he strived to produce fast top quality pallets, he scored big with his customers and grew rapidly to one of Austria's largest pallet producers. In the course of his increasing purchasing activities abroad, he hired a purchaser for Slovakia in 2001 and established Paletten Winter GmbH at the same time. He purchased two neighbouring properties to satisfy the enormous need for space. The way was paved for another expansion into old container services.
In 2004, a new office building and assembly hall marked the next expansion. During the same year, the Hungarian Company Pan-Pal Kft. was established. To use the existing hall more efficiently, he switched to two-shift operations. This marked a significant increase in production.
After the demand for rental pallets has increased steadily in the pallet industry, Paletten Logistik Winter GmbH was established in 2010.
It offers the customer a complete solution - from pickup to repair to delivery. This ensures a customer-friendly price-performance ratio and a solid company development.
Due to various restructuring efforts, the sole proprietorship Großhandel Franz Winter was reorganized to become Hackgut Winter GmbH. Thanks to the purchase of unique forestry equipment and the cooperation with the two local companies, Hermann Mayer Transporte and Holzschlägerung Markowitsch, we are now able to offer every service from clearing to reforestation.
In the meantime, the Company Group Winter does not only hold a strong position on the pallet market but also as specialist in the production and sale of wood chips and various forestry services. About 110 employees work at the Hof location. Our own fleet consists of 12 trucks, 5 tractors and a number of forestry equipment.