Quality & Environment


CHEP has its own production and repair criteria. Unannounced quality audits are carried out continuously to guarantee impeccable quality.

CHEP and Paletten Logistik Winter focus on sustainability and efficiency. When repairing CHEP pallets we also aim at high quality of our products.

Quality, dependability and flexibility are for us guarantees for customer satisfaction.

Our efforts with regard to an economical management of the company are intended to achieve cost-efficient production and repairs, so that we can remain internationally competitive also in the future and to satisfy our customers in the long term.

The environment

By offering rental pallets, CHEP focuses on sustainability.

By renting CHEP pallets numerous times, the material input is lower and it saves resources.

Also in logistics, the reuse of pallets takes first place. Pallets are repaired, recycled and reused. Only rejects are disposed of and further processed into pallet wood chips.

The use of state-of-the-art computer-guided machines ensures repairs are efficient and environmentally friendly.

The typical characteristic of the CHEP pallet is its blue marking. Here, too, only environmentally friendly materials are used. The filter systems of the lacquering station are continuously checked and do not pose any environmental hazard.

We invest continuously in new equipment and vehicles to keep CO2 emissions to a minimum.

For further information about the CHEP lease system, go to http://www.chep.com