Quality & Environment


Quality and dependability are for us a MATTER OF HONOUR.

We emphasize impeccable quality both in our wood chip products and in sales just like in producing our pallets. Continuous investments into new equipment and training of our employees enable us to produce top quality chopped materials in various sizes.

The latest measuring instruments ensure that the water content and moisture of the produced wood chips comply with your requirements, so that you will only receive the best possible quality in this area.

The environment

We are trying continuously and we are striving to ensure the reduction of the ecological footprint, so that the ecological basis for life of our earth is retained for our future generations.

WOOD is a renewable raw material that helps to secure the energy need for our future generations. In the cycle of nature, wood is CO2 neutral even after it is used for thermal energy and therefore, it is an environmentally friendly and sustainable energy carrier.

Together with competent regional partners, we focus on sustainability. It allows us to achieve a natural regeneration of tree stock so trees continue to be available for further use.


To keep transport distances as short as possible and preserve the environment, we have entered into successful partnerships with some regional heating facilities.

In addition, we made a successful quantum leap in the right direction by purchasing new tractors and choppers in the summer of 2013.  We contribute to an enormous reduction of CO2 emissions.

Last but not least, the great appreciation we have for the resources of our planet is the reason for our managing director Franz Winter to deal so intensively with the raw material wood.