Your specialist for forestry and hoeing operations

The production of wood chips is at the centre of our work at Hackgut Winter GmbH. In the midst of Lower Austria's industrial region, we produce wood chips in various sizes and excellent quality.

Our newly acquired, high-performance forestry equipment helped us to take a quantum leap in the right direction. Our fleet of machines enables us to provide top quality work. Our monster truck Claas Xerion 5000 with rotating cabin and our Wood Terminator WT12Z form an unbeatable team. There is no road too far and no terrain too difficult. Around 15 employees work precisely and dependably in our forestry and clearing team. Our trained forestry workers know best about the raw material wood.

The increasing energy prices place chipped wood increasingly in the centre of attention. It replaces heating fuel and natural gas more and more. To reduce greenhouse gases, we focus on increasing the share of renewable energies.  We feel we owe it to the next generation that we handle our planet's resources diligently.

Wood is a renewable raw material that helps to secure the energy need for our future generations.

We emphasize sustainability and we ensure that the stock of trees can regenerate the natural way and therefore, it is available for further use. Any residual material is processed into certified top soil mulch, which is used as soil additive in agriculture. We cooperate with regional heating plants to contribute to the generation of sustainable energy.

For creek remediation work, clearing, windbreaks, forestry work, mulching and lots more, we are

Your dependable Partner.